We Care So We Donate

Yiassu.com Donations


What our Donations focus on? 

We donate for whatever is troubling Cyprus at the given time of the donation. The full donation will be made to one of the following causes listed below…

Fire relief
Other medical help
Tragic event survivors
Emergency funds for those in hardship

Our Donations are based on a 5% on each sale we do in our online shop and in our local Cyprus store. That means; More Sales = Higher Donations.

We are also pledging that if things work out as well as we hope they do and our Shop continues to grow, we will be increasing the donations amount.

What You Can Do To Help

We always live by a great line…: “Happiness is something you can always GIVE without having it”.

What that means is that we can ALL make someone happy! We don’t need to be rich or famous or in good mood or happy or successful or anything else, to make someone happy! A smile, a handshake, a small donation, can give Happiness to many. Try it!

Thank you again for trusting our shop and preferring us for your daily shopping. Our shop is growing by the minute and we are grateful to everybody for their support.

We plan on doing the donation every 6 months.

(If you want to Donate and help people in need, directly, without the need of buying anything from our shop, please use the PayPal link below. This is a link provided by PayPal and it will direct you to PayPal official site where you can add any amount of donation you want. The money you donate, will be used along with the money raised from our sales as mentioned above, to help people in need in Cyprus. Thank you in advance!