Return & Exchange Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

(i) Cancelling an order: An order may be cancelled within 12 hours after the order was placed, given that is not already processed and/or shipped. To cancel an order, you need to email our customer service at by mentioning your order number and your wish to cancel it. For cancelled orders, you can choose to receive an electronic Credit Voucher to be used for your next order OR you can choose to have a refund.

For a refund: you will be refunded the full amount of your order minus any logistics processing fees and payment processing fees depending on the method you choose for paying your order. The refund will be returned to the same account (bank, revolut, credit card, paypal) you use when making your order, within 14 days.

For Credit vouchers: will be send you an email with the digital voucher valued to the full amount of your order minus any logistics processing fees and payment processing fees depending on the method you choose for paying your order. You can use that for any future order.

You cannot cancel an order if:

  • You have not email us with your intention for cancelling the order, within 12 hours after ordering.
  • 12 hours have passed from the time of ordering.
  • Order is already processed or shipped.

(ii) & (iii) Returning and/or Exchanging an order: Orders can be returned and/or exchanged, within maximum 14 days after delivery. To return and/or exchange your order: you need to send an email to and mention your intention for returning the order and receiving a refund or exchanging it with something else. Then you need to return the package/order to our mailing address: Attention YIASSU SHOP LTD, address –  Lakatamia P.O.Box 12027, Nicosia – Cyprus. Returning fees, should be paid by the customer.

For Returned & Exchanged orders: you can choose to (1) receive a different product or (2) receive by email an electronic credit voucher to be used for your next order or (3) receive a refund. Note: The refund or voucher value will be the full amount of your order minus any logistics and/or processing fees and payment processing fees depending on the method you choose for paying your order.

You cannot return and/or exchange orders for:

  • Products you bought on SALE.
  • Food products.
  • Wine
  • Gift Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Made-to-measure
  • Goods made to order or clearly personalized: such as a customized furniture, printed Mugs, engraved watches etc.
  • Sealed and/or boxed products: such as factory boxed items , DVDs or wrapped/sealed toys, games, sporting goods, etc,  or furniture or any other product which you have unsealed/unboxed upon receipt.
  • Any online digital content, such as ‘Downloads” or Digital Gift Cards etc
  • Goods bought from a private individual (Vendor) rather than a company.
  • Clothing and personal care items, either are sealed or not.
  • Home goods such as kitchen utensils/accessories etc (anything that is a hygiene hazard to be used again) or furniture or home decorations etc that was used and therefore is considered as ‘used product’.
  • Any product that you have removed the tags, unboxed it, or damaged the box or used it.
  • Services pertaining to physical works such as repairs or installation or maintenance contracts – for example: if you order a light fixture and paid for installation, you cannot cancel the work once you have agreed on the price of the service.

Return and Exchange of Faulty or Defective products:

Products have a significant defect right out of the box (e.g. the product is broken or has missing parts etc.) or you have received the wrong product, we’ll be happy to exchange. Please contact customer service at +357 22 388987 (between 9am-7mm UTC+2 timings) or email us at, within 72 hours from the date of delivery, and at our discretion we will promptly send you a replacement or issue you a refund after you have returned the damaged or defective product. Products damaged due to customer abuse or negligence will not be accepted.

You cannot return and/or exchange faulty/defective products for:

  • products that you used already.
  • products that are not to your liking and personal quality standards but nevertheless look and function as shown and described at
  • products that you presumed are faulty/defective, but they are actually purposed to look/function as they are and as they are demonstrated / described at

‘Faulty or Defective products’ are categorized into 2 parts. Below are detailed along with the actions to be taken for each case:

(1) Courier Damaged Products: Defective and/or damaged products as a result of mishandling by the courier agents. On this situation, upon receiving your order always check and inspect the package in front of the courier / delivery agent BEFORE you accept it. Take photos of the package and if you notice any damages then report them to the delivery agent/post on the spot and ask him/her to file a “damage report”.

Following that, email us at by presenting photos and videos and actions taken when you received the package etc. We will then use the information you provided to file our own formal report/complain to the courier agents and upon us receiving their official response we will communicate back to you with our proposals for refund – exchange etc. Please note that this process can take an estimated 30-60 days to be completed since investigations/reports for damages can be lengthy and take a lot of time since all parties will be contacted to report on the issue in writing.

Please understand that we cannot entertain refunds or exchanges for products/orders that you have reported as been “damaged” from shipping/handling, UNLESS all the above processes have occurred and most importantly unless the courier agent at your location / country has filed a ‘Damage Report’. IF your location / country ‘Damage Report’ is not issued/filed, then when we initiate our own formal investigation with the courier/post, the investigators will find NO damage report in the system (at your location/country) therefore the claim for damages will be turned down. In these instance, we will not be able to exchange or refund the order.

(2) Packaged Defective Products: These are products for which the defective and/or damaged parts is not caused by the courier / delivery agent, but by the source. (the word “source” means it originates directly to us or one of our partners or employees or vendors that have packed your order). In this situations, if you receive a damage-defective product, please email us at with detailed explanation about the problem along with videos and photos before and after unboxing the product(s). We will then investigate ourselves and respond back to you with our proposal for refund-exchange etc. This process can table an estimated of 30 days.

Please also refer to Customers Terms & Conditions  and  read the FAQ for more.