Wooden floor air hockey table, folding brown, 152x74x80 cm

The folding air hockey table is designed for younger and older children. Even adults can take part in the game, competing against toddlers. The match is played by 2 players, standing opposite each other with a mushroom, with which they will defend their goal.

The set is very solidly made and will give the kids a lot of fun. The pulley floats above the plate thanks to the air blower system under the table.

Players stand on opposite sides of the table. Each of them takes a special plastic tool called a mushroom. Used to move and bounce the disc. This requires high precision of movements and acumen, because the speed of the disk is important.

The aim of the arcade game is to get the puck into the opponent’s goal and defend your half of the field. The match ends when one of the players reaches a certain number of points, usually 7 or 9. You can also play without a goal limit and set a maximum match time.

A fairly powerful blast of air is provided by a large fan under the table top. It is powered by a power supply directly connected to a 220-230 V socket. The profiled sides of the table, made of durable MDF, will provide greater comfort during the game.

During the game, it is very important to slide the mushrooms correctly, which must keep up with the fast-moving disc. To make the bounce perfect, the mushrooms from the set were covered with a special material on the bottom. This air hockey table model also features a manual goal counter on each side.

The MDF board from which the air hockey table is made is a very durable material that will allow carefree fun. In addition, the board is covered with a uniform material, resistant to scratches and minor wear and tear.

This table model can be folded into a vertical position, thanks to which it takes up very little space when not in use. It also has wheels that make it easy to transport it to the desired location. The stable structure is based on solid legs reinforced with cross bars.

The game of air hockey will be great entertainment for children and teenagers and an opportunity for healthy competition. In addition, learning the rules of the game and using the mushroom will develop manual skills, motor coordination, quickness and reaction speed in the younger ones.

To power the fan, you need a cable from the set, connected to the outlet.

Air Hockey Table characteristics :

  • Minimum age: 6+
  • Minimum number of players: 2
  • Maximum number of players: 2
  • Top: brown color
  • Made of wood: yes
  • 12 mm MDF board material
  • Dimensions: 152 x 74 x 80 cm
  • Vertically folded table about 180 x 74 x 50 cm
  • Under-table blower powered by 220-230 V cable
  • Includes: 2 game mushrooms, 2 game discs


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