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The Wonder Dough Easter Egg Set Dough is the ultimate Easter Gift for children! The Easter Dough large themed play sets are designed to provide your children with hours of fun, healthy, and creative play.

Our soft, long lasting playdough is made with all natural ingredients, including olive oil, natural food coloring and natural essential oils. We have our own small 3d printer farm, where we design and print all our cutters and tools using PLA bio-plastic which is made from natural renewable resources.

Product contents:

  • 4 x 115gr tubs of Wonderdough
  • set of Easter Egg cutters
  • dough squasher, dough scraper & sculpting tool
  • A5 play mat
  • small jar of gems & googly eyes.

The colors of our cutters and tools may vary slightly to those shown in photos.

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    Cheers Yiassu!

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Thank you, reliable as usual!

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