With this combo product we are giving you the option to buy 2nos (set) of the White Sand Glass Timers of the same size.

Just choose the size you want and then add to cart how many SETS of timers you want.

Note: you can choose only one size for the set of Timers. So 2nos Timers of the same size.

For example: when you choose PYD 105 and you add to cart 1no (=1 set), then we will send to you 2nos PYD 105 White Sand Glass Timers! Or if you add to cart 2nos (2 sets), then we will send to you 4nos in total White Sand Glass Timers!

  • PYD 105: Sand Timer, measures 30 minutes. Height:20cm, Length:8cm, Width:8cm
  • PYD 106: Sand Timer, measures 45 minutes. Height:25cm, Length:9.2cm, Width:9.2cm
  • PYD 107: Sand Timer, measures 60 minutes. Height:30cm, Length:10.6cm, Width:10.6cm
  • PYD 108: Sand Timer, measures 90 minutes. Height:36cm, Length:13cm, Width:13cm


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  1. Charles

    Highly recommended.

  2. Sylas

    Good work Yiassu

  3. Zane


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  5. Cyd

    No tax paid for Sweden!

  6. Jason

    Thank you, just received it and it matches the description!

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