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The Web Cam Covers are super important and widely used by many people considering the need or privacy while we are using our phones.

If you require privacy and want to ensure you are not being ‘watched’, on your phone or computer, then you need these Antispy Camera Covers.

Choose these Camera Shutters in black or white color, in 3 or 6 pcs package.

The privacy cover has an adhesive tape and it sticks right in front of your mobile or your computer camera. You can then use the shutter to slide open (when you want to use your camera) OR slide close (when you want to ensure your camera is off). Therefore the Web Cam Cover protects your privacy in having your camera activated by mistake or at the unfortunate situations when hackers will access your phone/camera.

The Cam Covers can be used for all types of mobiles and computers.


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    Will be ordering again.

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    You can trust, is my 5th time ordering.

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    Keep up the good work Yiassu!

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    Thanks! Arrived today in the mail and it looks fine! Just what I wanted. Recommended.

  5. Uriel

    Very well worth the money.

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    Shipping it in UK in 7 days!

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