“Wave” Wall Abstract Art | Handmade Fluid Wall Art Unique Abstract Painting

A stunning handmade piece of Wall Abstract Art made by a local Artist in Cyprus!

An exquisite and totally unique abstract painting made by using acrylic paint, resin, and crystal stones.

“Wave” Wall Art Painting is combing the most timeless and elegant colors. This Resin Art painting has a 3d depth design effect which is created by multiple layers of resin and semi precious stones. It was poured in multiple layers to create the beautiful effects and ultimate to create a magic which will elevate your home once you place it on the wall!

  • Material: Wood, hardboard, resin, semi precious stones.
  • Dimensions (H x W): 85 cm x  65 cm
  • Custom made: This handmade wall art is custom made after ordering. The pictures here are illustrating the artist painting made as a sample for marketing/exhibition purposes. Once you make the order here, a new identical painting will be done for you by the artist.
  • Preparing and Shipping the painting: 10 days needed for the making the painting. Then shipping follows to the customer.

6 reviews for “Wave” Handmade Wall Abstract Art

  1. Steven


  2. Asher

    Not bad at all, will be ordering again.

  3. Tate


  4. Savvas

    Thank you, i love it.

  5. Cristian

    No tax paid for Norway!

  6. Despina

    Good work Yiassu

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