Wahl Pro Cordless 1919 Limited Edition 100 Years Wahl Clipper

Introducing Wahl limited edition 100 Year Anniversary Clipper! This is not just a clipper. Is a collectible, one of a time, Wahl Clipper. If you are a collector or maybe own or work at a Hair Saloon or simple be a Wahl fun or maybe understand and appreciate the art of collectibles…. then this Limited Edition Clipper is a must have!

This Wahl Clipper clipper comes with an all-metal housing with a heavy-duty, high impact solid vintage look and feel. The hair cut kit comes equipped with the traditional taper blade set (1006) perfect for tapering and blending. Powerful rotary motor (6400-6900rpm) with higher blade speed and higher stalled torque. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery (70+ minute run time), this clipper runs corded or cordless for your preference.

Most powerful cordless bulk removal and tapering clipper.
Full aluminum metal housing provides a sturdy, robust grip with a weighted feel for precision and control.
Powerful motor that generates a higher blade speed with increased torque for more cutting power.
70 minute run time from just a 70 minute charge.
All metal housing – heavy duty, high impact.
Traditional blade set – High carbon steel blade allows 1mm – 3mm cut length for off scalp cutting techniques.
Fast blade cutting speed (6400 – 6900 rpm)
Cord/cordless capabilities – high quality lithium ion battery with 70 minute run time per charge.
Cord/Cordless use – if battery is low, attach cord for continuous cutting.
All metal adjustable taper level adjusts cut length easily.
Vintage throw-back lever design.
Solid vintage throw-back feel.

2 reviews for 100yrs Anniversary Wahl Clipper

  1. Nolan

    Highly recommended.

  2. Dominic

    Thank you, i love it.

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