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As soon as you want a delicious treat, look for a VITA SHAKE with a white chocolate or natural flavor.
It’s a healthy meal that hides a wealth of natural nutrients that you can consume at any time. Fast, tasty and healthy will help you meet your body’s needs.

Vita Shake Healthy Drink (600grams) Ingredients:

It is a type of many water soluble fibers. It works on the stomach and helps to lose extra weight.
Glycomanate-based supplementation gives a sense of satiety and prevents unnecessary food intake between meals. Glucomannan absorbs water in the stomach and increases the volume, responsible for the feeling of fullness.

It is an organic compound found on the outer layer of black peppers and roots. White pepper contains slightly less piperine and its negligible amounts can also be found in green and pink peppers.

It is a vegetable enzyme found in pineapple juice. During the drying process an extremely aromatic, tasty and valuable health powder is created. It not only contains many vitamins and minerals, but also facilitates digestion of proteins and absorption of amino acids. Bromelin has a beneficial effect on the body during weight loss.

It is a species of microbes with excellent nutritional value and health promoting properties. According to proponents of evolutionary theory, this species of microbes have been on Earth for over three billion years. They were known and used by the Aztecs for everyday purposes and constituted the basic diet of this culture.

It is a necessary and imperative substance in our body. The human body has about 20-25 grams of L-carnitine. We can make it ourselves in small quantities only (about 25%) our diet is its main source (about 75%).

Powdered linseed
They are thin, flat brown or golden flax seeds that swell significantly in the water and produce a lot of mucus on the surface. Linseed is considered a complete superfood. Because of their rich composition and beneficial effect on the digestive system, it is said to be Polish chia seeds.

It is the so-called intermediate selective ingredient – an extremely valuable natural substance found at the root of turmeric. It stimulates the digestive process perfectly, which is especially important when our daily diet is rich in cereal products or processed foods. Curcumin counteracts bloating and has antioxidant effects. It supports the body in its daily activities.

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