Velcros Tape | Hook Loop Fastener Self Adhesive Tape Velcro

10pcs per package of Velcros Tape, Hook-and-loop fastener. A well known tape for fasting or jointing together cotton, fabrics etc.

What’s a hook-and-loop fasteners, hook-and-pile fasteners or touch fasteners? Well, they consist of two components: typically, two lineal fabric strips which are attached to the opposing surfaces to be fastened. The first component features tiny hooks, the second features smaller loops.

  • Use: Bags, Garment, Shoes, Carpets. Basically you can use it anywhere where you can stich-on or glue-on the Velcro tape!
  • Model: Hook and Loop.
  • Material: 100% Nylon.
  • Feature: Self-Adhesive Eco-Friendly.

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    You can trust, is my 5th time ordering.

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    Good product.

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    Thank you very much Recommend the seller

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