Umbrella Holder | Home Decor Holder | Kitchen Wall Decor

With the given price of this cool Umbrella Holder, you will receive not one… but 3 pieces of these fancy and creative umbrella shaped holders!

Red, Pink & Yellow; all these three color umbrellas are included in the price!

The Umbrella Holders come along with strong self adhesive tape that can be fixed to any flat surface. No need to drill walls or even use glue for fixing it.

Beautiful to watch, it not only decorates your kitchen or bedroom or home entrance hall… but it also become very handy to use!

Use it to hang and store your Keys OR reverse the open side of umbrella so you can use it for saving your coins! Hang on your kitchen utensils, reminder notes, etc.

6 reviews for 3pcs Umbrella Holder

  1. Josue


  2. Bryan

    Was sceptic buy finally i love it.

  3. Stef

    You can trust and order it. Good quality.

  4. Kayson


  5. Marshall


  6. Remy

    Excellent customer service.

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