The Rich Simpsons Wall Canvas 120x120cm is representing the artwork of “Rich Simpsons”  which features the famous cartoon family with the presence of wealth and money symbols

What we offer here is an extra large identical copy representation of the artwork, printed in high quality canvas.

The presence of wealth and money symbols in the background of the artwork creates a sense of ostentation and luxury, giving an air of sophistication and exclusivity to the environment. The presence of the Simpsons’ family pets, the dog and the cat, add a touch of cuteness and coziness to the artwork.

With its impressive dimensions of 120x120cm, the canvas is capable of becoming a focal point in any environment, becoming a true object of conversation and admiration for guests.

In summary, the canvas “Rich Simpsons” is capable of adding not only aesthetic but also emotional and social value to an environment. It is a piece of art that will captivate and enchant everyone who sees it, bringing a touch of happiness and sophistication to people’s lives.
  • Materials: Waterproof Canvas, Wood
  • Size: length 120cm x height 120cm x depth 3.5cm
  • Condition: New
  • Quality: Original replica of European artwork, high quality print.
  • Use: Home, restaurants, cafes, office, etc
  • Shipping: We ship worldwide
  • Package: Wrapped in bubble roll and packed in solid cartoon box for extra protection.
  • Hanging: The canvas is supplied stretched on thick wooden frame (as seen in photos), with a backside hanger, ready to by placed on your wall when you receive it.

The photos and video shown here are all taken from our flagship Showroom YIASSU HOME where this canvas as well as many other canvasses are displayed and being sold. You can see the canvas without any filters, with normal lighting. Please note the canvas in pictures has a protective nylon layer on top which you can remove upon receiving it.


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