With this combo product we are giving you the option to buy 2nos (set) of the 36cm tall  “King” Figurines Crown Lion Statue  of the same color, at a promotional price!

  • Note 1: The promotion is valid only for the same color Lion Figurines. Therefore you have the option here only to choose 2nos identical Lion Figurines

So, for example: you can choose the color of the Lion Figurines you want and add the set to your cart and make your order. Then we will send to you 2nos Lion Figurines of your chosen color! Or if you add to cart 2nos (2 sets), then we will send to you 4nos in total Lion Figurines!

  • Note 2: IF you want 2 different color Lion Figurines in the set you will order, then do this: Add to your cart the main color of the Lion Figurine you want and then at the checkout page add an “order note” for the color of the second Lion Figurine you prefer.

For example: you can choose the white Lion Figurines and add them to your cart. Then, at checkout page you can add an order note such as “send me one white and one black Lion Figurines. Then we will send to you a set of Lion Figurines, 1no white and one black color!

6 reviews for SET of “King” Crown Lion Figurines

  1. Kostas

    Good service.

  2. David

    Will be ordering again.

  3. Lawrence


  4. Bloodstone

    Received it in New York in 7 days!

  5. Corbin


  6. Ronan


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