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Squishy or Ding Dong, however these cute toy animals are called, they are adorable and much collectible! A toy for kids that is so well known and loved.

Do your kids get bored or even stressed from school and lessons and need to relax? Do they like cute things?

Squishys are not only good for children. Are fun soft toys that adults also can use, at the office or home. It will always make you smile and relief the stress. Yes, they are the ultimate Stress Reliever.

Whenever your are feeling stressed, grab your squishy and relax. Just squish it, squeeze it and play with it and you will instantly calm down. These little squishes are so cute, you will fall in love. They can sit on your desk and watch you work, they’re so patient 🙂


  • Material: Elastic Environmentally PU
  • Size: 3-5 cm
  • This product has a slight aroma and is soft to the touch.
  • Highly emulated PU products with safety, non-toxic and environmentally friendly features
  • Play with each other, throw, not afraid of hurting people, the benefits are safe, elastic, children’s happy toys
  • Use: play, fun, stress relief
  • Not edible, avoid putting in mouth
  • Not suitable for children below 3 years old

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  1. Wells


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  3. Kason

    Received it in New York in 7 days!

  4. Tyler


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  6. Elliot

    Very good customer service.

  7. Michael

    Lol. Awesome! We ordered 10no of these for our office in New York. Then saw the shipment was from Cyprus(?) Never ever ever thought they will arrive in just 9 days!! So the delivery was very fast and customer service even better. Highly recommended shop!

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