Sex Delay Spray | Premature Ejaculation Spray | Penis Spray

This Sex Delay Spray and widely used checked is extremely effective and very safe.

Use 30 minutes (avoid spraying urethra) prior sexual intercourse and enjoy up to 60 minutes prolonged erection.

This premature ejaculation spray simply acts as a small dose of icebreaker, and thus reduces the sensitivity of a man.

Penis Spray details:

Capacity: 15ml
Production date: see the bottom of box. Our stocks are all new batch. Produced within 3 months.
Shelf Life: 2 years (from the day the seal is open)
Package include: 1 bottle
Usage: Spay the glans and penis 30 minutes before sex, then spread evenly.
Warning: Do not spay the urethral opening/ urethral orifice.
Clean: Wash with warm water. It is water soluble.

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