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A plumbing universal Seal Repair Tape with strong bonding, ideal for plumbing leaks repairs etc.

Your best companion in sealing any water pipes.

Fusing Tape Description:

Wide temperature range -50 to + 260 , emergency temperature 300 .

Thermal stability 200, at this temperature for long-term application,

Product safety apply more than 10 years, excellent anti-aging properties.

Has a stain, anti hydrochloric acid, anti-UV, anti-arc,

Ozone resistance, cold, heat, high pressure and so on.

Color: white, gray, blue, green, black, yellow.

Material: Silicone rubber

Length: 3 meters

Width: 25mm

Thickness: 0.3mm

Leak Tape Specifications:

First peel transparent film for the need of insulation or leak-proof rated place to start winding, by starting and ending at the sides, multi-winding 3-5cm.

Universal tape elongation at break of 500% or more,

When required medium tension winding stretch half ride overlapping around the package.

Natural lap the last lap winding, wound around the package.

Required moderate stretching (stretch ratio of 20% -100%)

Package Included: 1 x silicone adhesive sealing tape

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