PRO Power Precision Steel | Remington HC7110 | Remington Trimmer | Hair Clipper

Nobody knows you better than you. That’s why there’s nobody out there better suited to take care of your trim. With the Pro Power Precision Steel Hair Clipper in your hand, you can create head-turning hairstyles with ultimate precision.

With a powerful motor, the Pro Power Precision Steel gives you 2x the cutting performance. * Designed to make sure more of your hair is cut every second, looking and feeling good has never been quicker or easier.

Giving you a confidence that only comes with great hair, you can enjoy creating endless styles with this hair clipper, thanks to its SlideSelect adjustable combs. Choose from a variety of lengths between 1mm and 44mm. So, whether you’re going for a ‘short back and sides’, a fade, or just trimming the length – the Pro Power Precision Steel has your fresh cut covered.

The Advanced Blade Geometry is designed to give you maximum cutting efficiency, cleanly cutting hairs for that clean, ‘straight from the barbers’ look. And, your comfort has been well-thought-out with Comfort Tip blades.

With up to 40-minutes usage time, you have plenty of time to perfect your style and ‘get your you on’. It’s also cordless, so you have the freedom to cut, trim or style your hair from anywhere.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, the Pro Power Precision Steel is the answer for a razor sharp you.


  • Pro Power motor for 2x cutting performance*
  • Advanced Blade Geometry
  • Acu Angle blades
  • Slide Select adjustable combs with auto-lock
  • Steel blades
  • Cord/cordless with up to 40-minutes usage
  • 14-16 hour charge time
  • Comfort Tip blades
  • 2 adjustable combs – 1mm – 44mm
  • LED charge indicator
  • Included: Cleaning brush, Oil bottle

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