READY SET PLAY WIN Toyota Yaris Active

Here is your chance to win this amazing brand new 5 Doors Hatchback Toyota Active Yaris Hybrid Car by participating to this READY SET PLAY WIN Competition!

The power of many benefiting one lucky winner, that’s the power of our competitions! We split the actual cost of the winning price into many tickets for many participants/players and at the end only one lucky winner wins the price!

Each ticket costs a small fraction of the actual price of the Toyota Yaris. Take your chances and buy a ticket (or more) and be the one to win the car.  There is a guaranteed draw after all the tickets are sold, so your purchase of one or more tickets will keep you in the competition until the draw is set and done. Someone will eventually win this car, so why not to be you! Go ahead and buy a ticket now!


  • The draw will be performed after the sale of the total number of available tickets (10 tickets)
  • Draw will be posted at our Facebook & Instagram pages and Youtube channel and winner will also be notified via email.
  • Each ticket you buy is a separate entry to the draw.
  • Tickets availability for this competition: 10 nos
  • Total price for each ticket: €2200
  • Refunds / cancellations / exchanges: after you buy the tickets and/or win the price, no refunds and/or cancellations and/or exchanges are accepted.


  • Play for what you want to win
  • Guaranteed draw after the number of tickets are sold
  • Live draw
  • Winners selected by random number generator
  • Set number of tickets
  • No hidden fees. This is a lottery style system competition, where we combine the power of many to benefit one! Meaning, many people participate in a draw by paying for tickets costing a fraction of the win price, and then one lucky winner is randomly drawn!
  • Organizer: The competition is organized and handled by (Yiassu Shop Ltd) in Cyprus.
  • You are transacting with a legal entity by buying tickets and participating to this or any competition hosted at, therefore your personal data, money paid and account details etc are protected and safeguarded by EU laws and regulations.


  • For this specific competition, you can buy tickets to participate in the draw only if you are residing in Cyprus.


  • You can see all Competitions that are running right now at YIASSU COMPETITIONS
  • Select your competition.
  • Add as many tickets as you want to your Cart (each ticket provides you with a separate entry to the competition, hence the more tickets you buy the more chances you have to win)
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • After paying for the tickets, you will receive an email with the order confirmation.
  • Wait for the live draw to see if you’ve won.
  • Lucky winner will be contacted by phone and email and an appointment will be set at the local Toyota Dealership where he/she will be handed the Scooter keys!


  • We will post our draws on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channel.
  • You can watch the draw on whichever platform suits you best.

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    No tax paid for Finland!

  3. Dylan

    You can trust, is my 5th time ordering.

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