F30 28L oil-electric hybrid drone spraying farmland to fight drugs and plant protection drone 28 kg load equipment. A professional Drone for serious farmers and/or businesses and/or individuals.

Professional 28kg Load Spraying Drone for agriculture farms

  • Product wheelbase: 210mm
  • Dimensions: 1800 x 2000 x 730mm (expanded), 730 x 1055 x 730mm (folded)
  • Drone weight: 42kg (no load), 70kg (full load)
  • Industrial material: imported 3K carbon fiber
  • Arm thickness: 36 x 40mm
  • Spray width: 6-8m
  • Operating efficiency: 180 acres/hour (0.73 sq.Km/hour)
  • Flight control system: K++
  • Power system: 10015 85 (motor)
  • FOC 150A (ESC)
  • 3612 (propeller)
  • Water pump system: 10L/min (flow rate)
  • Working voltage: 75V
  • Spraying system: pressure nozzle
  • Remote control: H12
  • Lithium battery: 18S 10000mAh
  • Engine: 7200W
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Brand: DJI
  • Made: Made in Singapore
  • Use: Farmlands spraying, home grass spray, etc.
  • Shipping: Worldwide (registered-insured) shipping from Cyprus

Professional 28kg Load Spraying Drone for agriculture farms

Professional 28kg Load Spraying Drone for agriculture farms

Engine start:

1. Connect the startup control system and power on, the control switch is switched to the idle speed position, the controller LED light is yellow and the LCD screen status prompts IDLE, and the motor has a buzzing sound when powering on.
2. Press the starter switch, the engine will start immediately after the engine starts. If it does not start when pressed for more than 2 seconds, close the choke, press the start switch for 1 second to suck in oil, and then open the choke to start the engine. Pull out the start controller immediately after starting the engine.
3. Excessive oil intake will cause the engine to stall. It is necessary to remove the spark plug and use the starter to let the engine idling to drain the oil. If you press the starter button, the motor cannot rotate, you can pull out the starter connector and reinsert it to restart the startup program.
4. If the engine cannot be started, please refer to the enclosed manual list of common faults to troubleshoot.

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