Personalized Family Caricature | 3D Funny Wooden Portrait Decoration Gift Ideas

The Personalized Family Caricature is a great gift choice.

This Wooden Portrait Decoration is printed on MDF wood grade 5mm. 

Special cut and special printing which does not obliterated or fading by time, for superior quality.

Below you can see some real samples of Personalized Family Funny Caricature:

wooden special printing gift family caricature great gift

All you have to do to order your Funny Caricature, is:

  1. Make your order online.
  2. Email us at by attaching a high resolution photo (the photos you will send us should be focused on the face because this is what we use to create the Caricatures!)
  3. We will then process the photo, prepare the wooden Caricature and deliver it! (If the photo resolution you have send us is not high enough, we will email you back for a better photo before we proceed with printing).


  1. There is no standard size of the frame we will prepare and send, it always depends on your photo resolution. Usual size we use is 49 cm x 31 cm
  2. Delivery: This product first needs to be digitally processed and then made by hand, so delivery takes from 10 to 15 days, subject to your country of residence.

8 reviews for Personalized Family Caricature

  1. Niki

    You can trust and order it. Good quality.

  2. Ari

    No tax paid for Austria!

  3. Stavros T.

    Came a bit late but its well made and good quality, more than expected!

  4. Sara Logan

    Maybe the best ever gift i ever had to give to someone! Yes, I recommend it!

  5. Marco

    No tax paid for Spain!

  6. Phoenix


  7. Nehemiah


  8. Gunner

    Happy customer here.

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