Black Dream Catcher | Handcrafted Dream Catcher Native Style Decoration

Beautiful black dream catcher featuring a unique piece of handmade. This tribal style boho dream catcher will add elegance to any room or wall of a bohemian decor home. Perfect as a unique gift for friends and family.

Both the top and lower hoops of this handcrafted dream catcher are crocheted around with black yarn. The top web is decorated with small colorful wooden beads. Hangings that drop down are decorated with natural feathers in dark grey and yellow.

This beauty will enhance any decor and bring positivism to any room, made with love, positive energy and good vibes!

The precise measurements of this Dreamcatcher (aka. Oniropagida in Greek) are:

Hoop: 23cm Height: 58cm Height including hanging string: 76cm

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    Highly recommended.

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    No tax paid for Austria!

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