Evil Eye Bracelet Women Men Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet Women Men Bracelet is to keep you safe and in style, at the same time.

This unisex bracelet comes with the ‘evil eye’ right in the middle and it’s purpose is to keep you ‘safe’ from ‘Evil Eye’.

Material: 33 pcs Doll Polish 6 mm beads and one eye bead. (the bracelet is flexible, it will adjust to your hand).

Use: Unisex (men and women)

7 reviews for Evil Eye Unisex Bracelet

  1. Kayden

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Bryson


  3. Jeremiah


  4. Norton

    Very well worth the money.

  5. Sora Panayiotou

    Ordered 2 of these for hubby and me. Love them!

  6. Carter

    Arrived in time

  7. Aegle

    Love it!

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