“Ludvic” Capitone Stools | Capitone Poufs | Velvet Capitone

Stools cannot get better than these. Luxurious Capitone Stools, custom made to any luxurious velvet color you want.

Material: Oak Wood (treated for extreme longevity) / Luxurious Velvet Fabric.

Color: We can provide any color choice you have. Just place your order by adding an “order note” at the checkout page with the color choice you prefer.

Comfort: The Stools are super comfy and soft. Since they are made by hand from the finest wood and velvet fabric in the market, they are not only looking amazing but they are extremely comfortable too.

Origin: The Stools are made and imported from Greece.

The “Ludvic” Capitone Poufs are ideal for Lux Homes and Venues where a custom made / handmade Stool is appropriate for providing that extra lavish and unique decoration and comfort.

Note: this series of Stools is now discontinued. Check the following Stools availability.

6 reviews for “Ludvic” Capitone Stools

  1. Peppinos

    Was sceptic buy finally i love it.

  2. Ronan

    Good work Yiassu

  3. Porter

    Keep up the good work Yiassu!

  4. William


  5. Tyson


  6. Ricardo

    Safe packing.

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