The Luxor Poker Table 280cm is a professional Poker table of international standards. Its size is 3.00 x 1.44 meters which makes it suitable for a comfortable game of 11 seated people. In front of the dealer’s position, the high gloss wooden surface, universally improved in terms of design and technology, which carries the rake slot, dominates. The carpet is professionally lined since it is now equipped with the modern impregnation cloths.

  • Shape: Oval
  • Overall dimensions: length 3.00 mtr x width 1.44 mtr
  • Rim width: 10cm
  • Surface material: 1.9cm thick Density Fibreboard or 2.5cm thick coated melamine
  • Support base material: veneered beech
  • Felt material: cloth-felt with pile layout
  • Bezel Fabric Material: High Durability Turned Import Synthetic Leather
  • Frame color: walnut, rosewood, mahogany, wenge
  • Bezel fabric color: black, white, blue, burgundy, brown
  • Weight: about 100 kg
  • Assembly: surface (1 piece), support (2 pieces)
  • Dealer position: Yes, with high gloss wooden surface bearing the rake slot
  • Drop Box / Slot: Yes
  • Rack: Yes, solid wood
  • Features: octagonal column legs, entirely in beech veneered and glazed with a high-gloss glaze, with a capital shaped finish that adds prestige and absolute stability to the construction / variety of colors in the frame, felt and fabric of the crown / color creation possible custom-made felt / high-density rubberized foams / high-strength fabric material of the rim / comfort and originality in the dealer’s seat made of solid glossy wooden surface that incorporates a handmade 6-seater rack and a stainless steel slot that communicates with a Drop Box that has a lock / professionally lined felt with an in-weave lining technique that gives a perfect look, super-fast dealing of deck cards and triple the resistance to wear and stains.


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