Lucky Scrooge Wall Canvas 60x90cm is representing the artwork of “Lucky Scrooge” which features the famous cartoon character Scrooge portrait in remarkable detail! What we offer here is an identical copy representation of the artwork, printed in high quality canvas.

Indulge in the ultimate homage to the cherished Scrooge McDuck with this beautiful canvas which is capturing every nuance and intricacy of the beloved character’s persona.

The canvas encapsulates Scrooge McDuck’s timeless essence, from the glint of adventure in his eye to the unmistakable flair of his iconic top hat. With each color, the artist’s reverence for this Disney legend is palpable, making this piece a must-have for any true aficionado of the DuckTales universe.

This masterpiece is more than just a perfect replica of a famous painting; it is a cherished relic, symbolizing the irreplaceable charm and magic that Scrooge McDuck has brought to generations of fans worldwide. This canvas is a rare gem, a testament to the legacy of Scrooge McDuck that only the most devoted Disney enthusiasts can truly appreciate.

This canvas is more than just a beautiful piece of wall decoration, it is also a reflection on society and its values in relation to money and power. “Lucky Scrooge” can serve as an impressive focal point for any home.

  • Materials: Waterproof Canvas, Wood
  • Size (length x height x depth): 60cm x 90cm x 3.5cm
  • Condition: New
  • Quality: Original replica of European artwork, high quality print.
  • Use: Home, businesses, restaurants, cafes, office, etc
  • Shipping: We ship worldwide
  • Package: Protected with foam sheet, wrapped in bubble foil and packed in a solid carton box for extra protection.
  • Preparation before shipment: Upon ordering the canvas, we need about 15 days extra to prepare it and then ship it. Therefore consider this before ordering.

Note: You have the choice to order the canvas  With Frame or Without Frame. Please read below what is the difference before ordering:

With Frame:

Lucky Scrooge Wall Canvas 60x90cm


Without Frame (see the video):

Lucky Scrooge Wall Canvas 60x90cm

The photos and the video shown here are all taken from our flagship Showroom YIASSU HOME where this canvas as well as many other canvasses are displayed and being sold. You can see the canvas without any filters, with normal lighting. Please note the canvas in pictures has a protective nylon layer on top which you can remove upon receiving it.


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