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“Lil” Decanters are the definition of luxury and style.

Decanters go by various names, such as: Carafe, Jug, Flask, container etc. They were first used in the 1700’s. Back then, the Decanters were not a luxury, rather a necessity to store wine/cognac/whisky. Today, they are luxury items and a beautiful decor at your bar!

  • Decanters Colors: Black
  • Dimensions Decanter Type 1: Length 17cm x Width 17cm x Height 32cm
  • Dimensions Decanter Type 2: Length 17cm x Width 17cm x Height 26cm
  • Material: Glass + Iron

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  1. Zayne

    Very fast delivery.

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    No tax paid for UK!

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  6. Calandra

    Received it in New York in 7 days!

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