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“Order Jumbo Products” is brought to you by “Facilitator” Vendor. An import-export limited company located in Athens/Greece, registered at for facilitating customers buying products from Jumbo Greece.

Here’s how the “Order Jumbo Products” order works:

  1. Visit Greece Jumbo website and find which product(s) you want by taking a note of the Code number(s).
  2. Now, proceed here and add to cart the product named  “Order Jumbo Products”
  3. Then move on to Checkout page and fill up your details. At the Checkout page ‘Order Notes’ section, do not forget to write us down the Jumbo Code numbers of all the product(s) you have chosen from Jumbo website. This is imperative so we know the codes that you want us to deliver.

That’s it! Super easy right?

What follows next is:

  • We will import the product(s) you have chosen, clear custom fees and pay VAT taxes.
  • Then we will deliver directly to your home.
  • What you have to pay to our delivery agent when they deliver the order to you, is: the cost of product(s) exactly as are shown on Jumbo website, no more no less.

By ordering with us as described above, you are worried free and you SAVE time and money:

  1. You avoid paying +100% of the shipping fees in case you are were ordering yourself directly from Jumbo website.
  2. You avoid paying taxes & custom duties, applied upon products arriving to Cyprus. We take care of all that and we deliver the product(s) directly to your home.
  3. You save time getting notified and/or picking up your order from postal office or customs office. We monitor the order, we pick up and we deliver to your doorstep.
  4. You don’t have to worry of how many product(s) to order from Jumbo Greece to benefit from discounted shipping etc; i.e. if you want to order only one product costing maybe 50 cents or hundred products worth of 1,000 euro. It doesn’t matter, with us you always pay the standard 8euro, no shipping fee, and we take care everything else until the product(s) are delivered to your home.
  5. You don’t have to worry for paying for the full order online. You order the “Order Jumbo Products” which costs a standard 8euro and zero shipping fee. This is the cost of our services of importing one or many products and deliver them to your home. For the actual product(s) costs, as priced at Jumbo website, you pay them to our delivery agent only upon the delivery to your home.


  1. Under no circumstances there are no affiliations or connections with Jumbo Ltd company.
  2. This product is shipped only to Cyprus customers, directly from Greece.



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We are in import-export company located in Athens, Greece. We’ve registered here at to provide our services by facilitating Cyprus & International customers buy goods directly from Jumbo Greece stores. Customers ordering from us at, are saving time and money since we take care exporting products from Greece, clearing products at customers country customs authorities by paying the vat/taxes & we deliver directly to customers doorstep!

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