i7Mini TWS Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

i7Mini TWS Wireless Earphones parameters:

1. Bluetooth version: 5.0 version (automatically paired together)
2. Transmission distance: outdoor straight line distance 10-15 meters
3. Battery capacity: polymer lithium battery 60 mah
4. Charge box battery capacity: 400 mah
5. Listening to music time: 2-3 hours (pause/play)
6. Talk time: 2-3hours (answer/hang up)
7. Standby time: 100 hours
8. Charging time: 1 hour

1. Listening to songs and phone calls, supporting listening to songs and making calls
2. Caller ID number, last code callback, full smart English tone prompt, power on, pairing, power off, low power, etc.
3. Each time the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone, the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect back to the phone when it is turned on, which is convenient and faster.
4. Intelligent compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth function, tablet, notebook, device, all mobile phones


17 mini tws wireless bluetooth earbuds for the mobile

Pairing method:
Long press the blue light flash pairing mode, wait after booting.
Automatically pair together (one of them does not flash is paired successfully) to connect to the phone Bluetooth.

Two mobile phones can be connected separately and used separately. (1 headset connected to 1 phone)

Prompt tone:
Boot prompt: power on
Shutdown hint: power off
Pairing status prompt: paring
Connection prompt: you device is connect
Disconnected prompt: you device is disconnect
Low battery prompt: battery low

Button function: long press to power on, long press to turn off, click music pause / play / call answer / hang up phone.

Headphone charging indicator: The headphone charging red light is on, and the red light is off when the battery is full.

Charging box charging instructions:
1. When the charging box is charging the earphone: the blue LED light on the charging box flashes, and the blue LED light goes out after the earphone is full.
2. When charging the charging box: The red LED on the charging box flashes, and the red LED lights up after the charging box is full.

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