Handmade Ceramic Plates | Hand Painted Plates

Each Handmade Plate is a unique, one-of-a-kind. These ceramics are made by hand by immigrated local artisans in Dubai. Each one of them carrying a unique color design and style.

The plates can be used for decoration or put them to actual use in the kitchen or at your living room.

Decorative Plates characteristics:

  • Usage: The plates can be used for storing room temperature and/or cold food and liquids. Cannot be used in microwave or to store hot food or liquids.
  • Material: High quality Ceramic
  • Made: Middle Eastern Handmade
  • Craft: Hand painting
  • Size: approximately 18cm in diameter

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  1. Wyatt

    Thank you very much Recommend the seller

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  4. Kai

    Reliable store.

  5. Hendrix

    Good products and good customer service

  6. Ariandi

    We were hesitate to order them afraid that they will brake until to arrive to Greece. Thankfully you guys did a perfect job packaging them so good! We love them thank you so so much!

  7. Moshe

    No tax paid for UK!

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