The ultimate timer for ΗΙΙΤ/  Functional / Tabata workouts just got better with a professional 6-digit display instead of a 4-digit display. With a robust metal design made to last many years, the GearUp Gym Timer is a sight to behold!

The timer has a real-time indication whenever it is not clocking the athlete’s workout. As for the timer itself, it entails up counter timing that starts from zero and two counter down timers with preselected intervals. Furthermore, it includes a Tabata timing system, that allows the trainee to choose the number of sets, the exercise duration(20″) and the rest in between (10″). Regardless of the timing program however, the athlete always has the ability to freeze the timer(start-stop).

Time your workouts and start setting PR’s like never before with the GearUp Gym Timer!

  • Timing up-counter
  • 2 default counter-down timings
  • Elegant and robust metal design
  • Audio cue – horn
  • Fully programmable Tabata timing system
  • Dimensions: length 64cm x width 20cm x height 5cm

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