Garlando Class Weatherproof Soccer Table

The Garlando Class Weatherproof Soccer Table is the first all-weather foosball home table from Garlando with a top glass, created to satisfy the requirements of all those wishing to play their favorite game in an outdoor place.

The Garlando Class Weatherproof foosball table is constructed to stand outdoor in all weather conditions, using special components and materials such as water-resistant glues and stainless steel parts treated with tropical anti-rust treatments.

Can be used indoor, to enjoy it all seasons.

Balls remain inside the playfield area and cannot be lost or stolen and the playfield stays cleaner longer.

Class Weatherproof complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety.


  • Extremely sturdy cabinet (2,5cm = 1in thick) constructed from marine high quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate, both water-resistant and brought together using a special water-proof glue for perfect sealing. Color: blue
  • Heavy duty legs made from 9cm (4x4in) square steel coated with silver washable powder varnish.
  • High stress resistance machine-trued hollow steel bars – diameter 16mm – coated with anti-rust chromium-plating. The quality of the materials used adds to the thickness of 2mm to prevent the bars from bending: they maintain a perfect shape for a long time. It is possible to choose between the going-through (also called solid) rods and the telescopic rods.
  • Going-through/Outgoing rods: the standard bars protrude from the cabinet – at the handle opposite side – to follow the international competition standard, which is also used in many countries worldwide.
  • Telescopic rods: they have the same technical features as the going-through rods. In telescopic bars a smaller diameter bar glides inside the player bar, whose end does not protrude from the cabinet. This prevents dangerous strikes to the children’s’ eyes and face. Its use is strongly advised if the football table is meant for children and in the event that the table must be put in a location attended by children.
  • The special three-layer chromium-plating guarantees that both going-through and telescopic bars will not get rusted after several years of tough use.
  • Bars are fixed to the cabinet by means of nylon ball bearings.
  • The anti-rust stainless steel roller bearings inside the bearings fixing bars to the cabinet greatly improve the game speed, while reducing the stress for the players’ wrists.
  • Players: in plastic material (moplen) representing a stylized human figure, directly moulded onto the bars: they do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly. Colors: red and blue.
  • Playfield: plastic laminate.
  • Leg levelers enable a perfectly flat playing field on uneven floors.
  • Color coordinated abacus scorers.
  • 10 orange Standard balls supplied, for increased visibility.


Length: 144cm
Width: 76cm
Width with solid rods: 125cm
Width with telescopic rods: 110cm
Height: 93,5* / 96,5**cm
Weight: 92Kg

* with levelers fully down
** with leveled fully up

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This football table is delivered partially assembled: for transport related reasons the legs and bars are to be installed by the table receiver. The cabinet is completely assembled.

The assembly does not involve any particular difficulty and it is made easier by the illustrated instructions supplied with the table.

See our tutorial on how to assemble solid rods

See our tutorial on how to assemble telescopic rods

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