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The Resistance Bands Elastic Tubes are your first step to a comprehensive workout.

A complete set of Elastic Bands for men and women, exactly as seen in the photos, for a full body workout anytime anywhere.

These Gym Bands can be used in so many different ways, there are 2no hand handles for pulling exercises, 2no ankle straps for legs exercises also and a door lock for securing the tubes while performing your exercises. Are good for amateur and professional athletes since the bands are separate therefore can be added or removed to adjust the pulling force.

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Note: Color and minor details can vary from the pictures. This is because of the different screens resolution and/or manufacturers process in improving the bands.

7 reviews for Resistance Bands

  1. Xander

    No tax paid for EU!

  2. Peter

    Was sceptic buy finally i love it.

  3. Emmanuel


  4. Maria

    Highly recommended.

  5. Bloodstone

    Thank you, reliable as usual!

  6. Tristan


  7. Steven

    Great set. I thought it will not be of good quality but finally it’s one of the best i had until now. I recommend this.

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