Sport Thieme Boxing Man Dummy | Fighting Sports Fitness Free Stand Box Punching

The Sport Thieme Boxing Man Dummy makes it possible for you to train just like you would with a real training partner.

  • Allows for a more realistic workout
  • Large surface for kicks and punches
  • Base can be filled with water or sand
  • Fully body workout, for men and women.

This fitness sports box dummy man impresses with optimal stability.
Is a free-standing dummy, which, thanks to being shaped like the upper body of a human, is the ideal replacement for a real training partner. The base can be filled with water as well as with sand, giving the boxing dummy optimal stability and meaning there is no need for additional securing. The firmness of the material is similar to that of the human body, making punching and kicking the dummy even more realistic. In addition, the polyurethane construction allows for a quick rebound.

Improve your technique, condition and power!
Thanks to the large surface, with the free stand box man you have the ideal piece of equipment for practicing kicks and punches, making it perfect for boxing and other martial arts such as MMA. Besides technique, the dummy is great for improving your condition, power reaction times and can help you let of steam. Depending on your body size and exercises you want to do, the dummy can adjusted to one of three heights.


  • Dimensions: 175 x 56 x 56 cm
  • Height can be set to one of three levels: 155-175 cm
  • Weight when unfilled: 18 kg
  • Weight when filled: approx. 126.5 kg
  • Dummy material: PU
  • Base material: PE


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