“Easter Island” MOAI Decoration Statue is Inspired by the world-famous figures on Easter Island.

These unique and impressive MOAI Decoration Statues are available in 2 different sizes of 59cm and 80cm height, for exquisite home decorations!

For a touch of exoticism in the living room. Also they look good in a group – did you know that there are 900 of them on Easter Island?!
A conversation starter on a table or as a floor-standing figure.

  • Made: Hand-crafted
  • Origin: Europe
  • Material: Magnesium oxide (Ceramics from Bitter Earth)
  • Color: As in photos – vintage brown
  • Use: Table or floor decoration, for your home or professional place or as a very thoughtful and unique gift for family and friends

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  1. Milan

    Excellent customer service.

  2. Carter

    Two thumbs up.

  3. Dora K.

    Just got mine! The Easter Island Statue is as described, majestic and beautiful!

  4. Dylan

    Very well worth the money.

  5. Savvas

    Reliable store.

  6. Jake


  7. Cohen

    Love it!

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