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Other than a Garden Hose, this Air Hose is also called Magic Hose or Clever Hose for a good reason! It expands only when you need it!

Description & Features:

Expandable Flexible Water Plastic Hoses High Grade Fabric Pipe Multi-functional Watering Spray Gun for Car/ Garden .

  1. During the filling process the magic hose can be extended to the corresponding 7,5/15/22,5 mtrs. Meaning the 2.5mtr hose will expand to 7.5mtr; the 5mtr hose will expand to 15mtr and the 7.5mtr hose will expand to 22.5 meter!
  2. Once water passes through the water pipe, the pipe will extend in length and water will not pass through. It will retract to its original length, and it will be convenient for use in more distant places. It is lightweight and does not take up space.
  3. The hose is made of high-grade fabric and is beautiful and wear-resistant up to 6 Bar.

Applicable occasions: Suitable for watering and cleaning purposes: Garden, car wash, RV, swimming pool, boat and so on.

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Water Hose Pipe Spray Gun Specifications:

Water pipe + 3 points 1 connector + screw joint + function water gun

Available size options (2,5, 5, 7,5  mtr):

2,5 mtrs stretchable to 7,5 mtrs

5 mtrs stretchable to 15 mtrs

7,5 mtrs stretchable to 22,5 mtrs


Note: this product is now out of stock. Check this alternative “Magic” Flexible Hose! Is available in many sizes.

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