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AdiDog Dog Hoodies Puppy and Big Dog Clothing. A casual 100% cotton hoodies for dogs of all ages and sizes.

  • Material: 100% Cotton.
  • Season: For autumn & winter.
  • Style: clothing, pet hoodie

pet clothing dog winter short hoodie sweatshirt adidog

How to choose the size:

The size of the clothes needs to be selected according to the dog’s bust, weight and body length.

For the bust: Because the dog has fur and the range of movement is large, the bust size of the dog’s clothes needs to be 5cm larger than the actual bust of the dog.

For the length: The dog’s body length refers to the distance between the shoulder and the hips. It is recommended that the length of the dog’s clothes is the same as the dog’s actual body length.

Note: Please consider a little dimensional deviation since these hoodies are handmade they cannot be all 100% accurate in dimensions. Also due to monitor (computer or phone) differences, the color of the hoodie can also be a little bit different.

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