Fashion Bicycle Bike Cycling Bag Front Tube Frame Top Pannier Double Bag Pouch Phone Holder

1. Fixation: Triple male and female Velcro tape
2. Zipper: Double Zipper
3. Inner Interlayer: Internal grid compartment that effectively cushions and separates items from scratches.
4. Usage: Install it on front beam
5. Size: 24cm x 10cm x 8cm

hard case bike tube frame riding cycling bag for men and women and kids

1. The bag comes with self-adhesive Velcro strap that meets the length of the straps required for different frames. You can trim the required length by yourself.
2. Reasonable internal space design can help you get rid of mess and prevent object collision.
3. The internal compartment design allows the personal belongings to be placed separately for easy access.
4. The upper zipper compartment allows the hard objects such as metal to be easily separated from the mobile phone, reducing the damage caused by collisions during cycling. The big space allows to storage even a bike portable pump.
5. The car bag is rain-proof fabric to prevent light rain. But the bag should not be drenched for a long time and not directly soaked in water.
6. EVA hard shell is resistant to pressure and fall, and when it falls , it can effectively protect the contents of the bag, such as mobile phones, charging bank, etc.

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