Banana Fruit Protector | Fresh Banana Container Case Fruits Case

The Banana Fruit Protector keeps bananas fresh and clean.

Use it to pack your children’s bananas for school or at home to save your children’s fresh or half eaten bananas safe and away from germs.

Children can also use this Banana Fruit Case to store candies or any other fruit or food they want.

  • Material: Food safe upvc
  • Dimensions: length 19cm x width 6cm x height 6cm
  • Approvals: CE approved
  • Use: Home, school, parties, picnic, etc

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  2. Eva Solomou

    Love the fact that you guys have delivered this the same day i ordered! Wow good job!

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  4. Savvas

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Kaison

    Money well spend

  6. Kai

    Cheers Yiassu!

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