Custom Kraft Paper Vintage Poster | Your Personal Vintage Aesthetic Poster and Prints For Kitchen Bar Office Cafe Restaurant Wall Decor

Order your custom poster print now! We can print on Kraft Paper posters, anything you want! Check the pictures here to see actual photos of the pints and if you like what you see, make your order for a Custom Poster Print!

Poster print details:

  • Poster Quality: as seen in the pictures here!
  • Paper: 150g kraft paper
  • Size 1: Length 42cm x Height 30cm
  • Size 2: Length 30cm x Height 42cm

How to order:

  1. Choose the poster size you want.
  2. Make your order.
  3. Then email us at by attaching the picture you want us to print on the Kraft Poster. (The picture should be a HD picture, preferably greater or equal to 1000px.).

General Notes:

  1. Posters collection: check the posters collection available here. Posters are and will continue to be uploaded weekly, so keep coming back to check!
  2. Printouts: Posters are print on 150g retro Kraft paper with no cover film, no waterproof protection. (some posters are printed on white paper instead, if so, then it will be clearly mentioned on the poster page).
  3. Color: The poster pictures you see here are 100% real and this is what you will receive. Please note that due to your computer or mobile screen resolution, the colors might be a little bit different than the actuals.
  4. Shipping  / Delivery: Orders are shipped after the printout of the poster, so after your order please allow time for the actual print to take place. Delivery will follow immedialty after.
  5. Use: the posters are usually used for decorating walls, at home, at cafes and bars, restaurants, offices, hotels. Or even used as a gift to family, friends, colleagues.
  6. Fixing: Posters can be fixed on walls (plaster or wooden etc), with the help of blue tack, glue, double adhesive tape, push pins OR you can frame your posters at your local frame shop and hang them at your walls as a pro!
  7. Packaging: For safe shipping and delivery, the posters are rolled up and properly protected therefore you can be worry-free that your poster(s) will arrive safe, wrinkle free and intact.
  8. Quality: refer to below pictures of the actual prints and their use, as taken by customers!

retro kraft paper custom posters print

retro kraft paper custom posters print

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