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“Cris” Jewelry Tray is a handmade luxurious tray that can be used as a decorative on your dressing table, living room buffet, on coffee tables etc. Use it as is or place on top small decorative such as candles etc. if used on your dressing table, you can place on top your jewelry and precious items.


  • Material: Pure epoxy resin, reflective glass inside, wood, decorated crystals, gold leaf edges.
  • Dimensions: length 40cm x width 55cm x depth 5cm
  • Colors: Color deep + light grey, white gold shadows, etc. Please note: with different lightening the green shade will look differently.
  • Made: Handmade in Cyprus.
  • Shipping: the tray is shipped from Cyprus and we can deliver it for the domestic market but also worldwide to any country in the world.
  • Package: Professional packaging is prepared for shipping so to avoid damages. Shipping chosen is always covered by insurance so the tray cost is secured against any damage. Note: When you receive the tray, please report it on the spot to the courier/post office if you observe any external damages. Once you accept it, no damages can be reported and/or claimed.

Cleaning and precautions about the artwork:

  • Cleaning and aftercare: Advised to be cleaned with a light cotton fabric or feathers brush, very softly. Glass cleaner is also suitable for use.
  • Precautions: Resin art is not recommended to be exposed in direct light, although I use finish coat with the protective UV resin. Direct light will might lessen the longevity of the art and change the colors.

About the artist and the artwork:

  • I am based in Cyprus and selling my items through You can check most of my products here on this link. My artwork includes everything handmade, from various materials such as marble, epoxy, resin, glass, stones, all colors, gold leaf, metal, wood, etc etc. I am continuously adding new items such as mirrors, tables, coaster, etc but if you have a special requirement you want to talk to me about then please email me at The email will be forwarded to me and I will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Making – Shipping – Delivery:

    • Custom made: This luxury tray is custom made. The pictures here are illustrating the tray we currently have in stock. If by the time you make your order here the same tray is still available, we will pack and send this one. Otherwise if by the time you make your order here the tray is sold, we will then make a new almost identical tray for you. I always strive to achieve almost identical products when I re-make them, but please understand that this is a handmade product and each time is made there will be some differences in the way the various colors and shapes are created, the natural wood or crystals colors and shapes, the colors which are formed by the resin, etc.
    • Preparing and Shipping the tray: 10-15 workdays are needed for preparing – packing and shipping to the customer.
    • Import fees and/or taxes might need to be covered by the buyer, seller accepts no responsibilities. Please check with your local custom office for the expected fees.

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  1. Phoenix

    Thank you, i love it.

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    Fast shipping.

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