Multi Purpose Bag | Women Organizer Cosmetics Perfumes Storage Traveling Bag

A Korean Style Cosmetic Women Organizer Bag! The multi purpose bag is available in many colors such as: Green, Orange, Yellow, Burgundy, Sky Blue, Light Grey

This storage bag has large enough space to accommodate all your accessories, perfumes, earrings, jewelry etc.

You can use it home or while traveling or at the office. The bag is very handy and elegant at any occasion.

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  1. Callen


  2. Iris

    Shipping it in UK in 7 days!

  3. Kayden

    Thank you, received relatively fast.

  4. Lolita P.

    Like this a lot. It is delivered exactly as described here so thanks.

  5. Kayson

    Good product.

  6. Paskal


  7. Nicholas

    Received it in New York in 7 days!

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