Children Car Seat Belt Pillow | Seat Belt Pillow | Kids Car Pillow

High Quality Children Car Seat Belt Pillow & Shoulder Protection. This kids car pillow is something you need to have in your car if you have children.

Features: High quality, washable Car Soft Headrest Seat belt Cushion Neck Pillow.

Auto Elevator Mat Shoulder Pad Pillow Vehicle Seat belt Strap Harness Head Pad Cover.

One size fits all. This belt will comfortably support your child’s head and neck.

It can be disassembled, it’s shrink-proof, non-deforming, and very easy to clean.

The original soft plump seat belt attaches to the cars belt shoulder strap; this belt snoozer cradles your child’s head for a comfortable and safe snooze while your seat belt remains securely buckled.

Your kids will sleep safely mile after mile without a sore neck and shoulder!

Material: Micro-suede fabric
Filling: PP
Exact Size: 28cmX9cmX12cm
Color: Gray, Pink, Blue. Shop

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