Ceiling Lights Single Type Size 2/3/5


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Chandeliers ~ Ceiling Lights –  Single Type Hand Made Glass Mosaic Lamp ~ Size 2/3/5

These Chandeliers – Mosaic Lamp Ceiling Lights consist of a single glass globe at 3 sizes/diameters. Dimensions are written below.

The detail sizes (height and glass globe diameter) for these Mosaic Lamps are:

– Height (bottom to top) of Lamp with glass globe Size 2 = approximately 650 mm
– Height (bottom to top) of Lamp with glass globe Size 3 = approximately 650 mm
– Height (bottom to top) of Lamp with glass globe Size 5 = approximately 650 mm

– Glass globe size 2 diameter= 130 mm
– Glass globe size 3 diameter= 160 mm
– Glass globe size 5 diameter= 250 mm


General remarks on the Mosaic Lamps:

Lamps are our source of light in the dark. Many people buy lamps not only for its functions but also for its beauty. There are many kinds of lamps when you consider function and aesthetics but Mosaic lamps are more appealing. This is because of its history and the elegance that transforms an ordinary room into a better one.

Mosaic lamps are traditional lighting source in Middle East and the last years there is a huge demand in Europe as well! The Mosaic Lamps started in the Moroccan and also Ottoman Empire where it was a symbol of wealth and civilization. Mosaic lamps were first seen in palaces. First, they used few colored glass pieces and transformed it into different forms. As time goes by, mosaic lamps became available outside the palaces for decorative and domestic use.


The use of Mosaic Lamps is a key part in Middle Eastern decoration and recently in Europe. It is not just about the light but the radiate a rustic feel, the exotic and oriental feeling it gives especially having a couch, colored pillows and of course, styled rugs.

What makes these lamps special? These lamps are handcrafted. This means that each piece is carefully made by a person, not a machine. Traditional mosaic lamps have different patterns like flowers and stars. The star pattern is known as the “six-point star”. The star is a basic geometric shape that comprises an intersection of two equal triangles. This is an ancient symbol that appears in many culture and religions.

There are many popular colors used such as amber and blue. There are other colors that combine energetic colors like green, orange, red and yellow.  Ancient Middle Eastern tradition believed that decorating the lamps was a form of spiritual wisdom. Artisans are careful not to draw human figures so you will see nature patterns, symbols, and geometric shapes.

Materials Used:

Mosaic lamps are basically made of glass. The artisans will cut colored glass in various geometric shapes and put them together in a special design. Moroccan lamps are made of intricate brass or wrought iron metalwork. They also use colored glasses and create patterns.

Availability and Ordering:

These lamps are available online at our Marketplace Yiassu.com but also at out store in Nicosia-Cyprus. Therefore you may choose to buy them online or if you are in Cyprus, from our store. For ordering online, please place the order on the they type of Mosaic Lamps you want. Then write us at [email protected] OR call us at 357-223889987 to tell us the Glass Colors you want! We shall send you photos to chose from! (Remember, the pictures you see here, are just a small fraction of the glass colors we have in stock). The Lamps shipping is always covered by insurance. So there is no reason for anyone to worry for damages or even not receiving the Lamps! We can guarantee that or else you get your money back in full.

The Lights are sold with normal halogen bulbs, type E14.

If your lamps need installing, make sure to call an expert but usually, lamps are ready for use so you won’t have any problem with the installation. Just plug it and enjoy the calm feeling it gives.

The important thing is making good use of the Mosaic Lamps so to induce relaxation. The peaceful light that comes out of it is a brilliant choice for areas where you want to relax like your room, garden or even yoga or meditation studio.  The price varies depending on the quantity of the glass globes and the size of the glass globe you will choose.

Upon request, Yiassu Shop can source these Mosaic Lights in any quantity, any shape, glass size & Color! We accept and welcome bulk orders and cooperation’s with local Architects and Designers!


Check out this link to see our full collection on Mosaic Lamps.

Additional information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions600 × 300 × 500 mm
Glass Size

No2, No3, No5


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