The Hermes Poker Table 300cm is a high-end table build in Europe. The mat is professionally lined as it is equipped with a modern production impregnation cloths. Its special feature is the octagonal column legs which end in a wooden platform on which a stainless steel tube footrest is fixed around the perimeter. The overall dimensions of the table make it suitable for comfortable play of 11 people seated in a manager’s chair and a dealer.

  • Shape: Oval
  • Overall dimensions: length 3.00 x width 1.44m
  • Rim width: 10cm
  • Surface material: 1.9cm thick Density Fibreboard or 2.5cm thick coated melamine
  • Support base material: veneered MDF walnut
  • Felt material: cloth-felt with pile layout
  • Bezel fabric material: heavy-duty spun synthetic leather
  • Frame color: glossy glaze in the color of walnut, rosewood, mahogany, wenge, with an obvious representation of the water of the wood
  • Felt color: green
  • Weight: About 100 kg
  • Assembly: surface (1 piece), support (2 pieces)
  • Dealer location: Yes
  • Drop Box / Slot: Yes
  • Rack: Yes
  • Features: octagon-shaped pillar legs ending in a wooden platform of the same material on which a stainless steel tube footrest is fixed around the perimeter, felt and fabric of the rim / high density rubber foam / heavy-duty hoop cloth material / comfort and originality at the dealer’s seat / professionally lined felt with in-weave striping technique that gives a perfect look, super-fast dealing of deck cards and triple wear and stain resistance.


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