Car Trunk BELT Organizer | Elastic Band Strap Items Boot Organizer

The Trunk Strap will help you in organizing your car trunk.

Ideal for anything you carry in your car trunk, such as: groceries, fire extinguishers, boxes, luggage, handbags, tools, etc. This elastic band will keep your stuff  in one place.

It’s elastic and has self adhesive (Velcro) finish, so you can stick in on your trunk and hold your bags, groceries, tools etc safe and steady.

Note: This elastic band strap is suitable for car trunks with Suede surfaces only. This is necessary so that the Velcro tape can stick on the suede)

  • Material: fabric, velcro
  • Length: 90cm


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  1. Alan

    Thank you, i love it.

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    Good products, recommended.

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    No tax paid for Germany!

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    No tax paid for Germany!

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