Black Cabinet T Bar Pulls

Building a new Home or are you redecorating? No matter the situation, your furniture Handles are certainly something to pay attention to. Choose these modern Cabinet T Bar Pulls for that extra style and elegance. They promise to beautifully decorate your cupboards / cabinets / drawers, etc and will make a great help to pull out drawers, wardrobe, cabinets and other furniture doors.

Cabinet T Bar Pulls specifications:

  • Colors: Black
  • Style: Modern, Simple, Fashion
  • Suitable for: both big size and small size kitchen cupboard, room wardrobe, living room cabinet, etc. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Material: Laser cut, hollow Stainless Steel
  • Package includes: 1 x handles with matching screws
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    Good product.

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    Thank you, reliable as usual!

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    Thank you, i love it.

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