“Ayana” is a breathtaking masterpiece painting meticulously crafted by a visionary artist. Printed on the exquisite canvas of diamond aluminium plate, this artwork boasts a stunning complexity that captivates the imagination. Employing a highly intricate printing technique, the artist has mastered the art of capturing the essence of intricacy and depth, infusing each facet of the image with a sense of profound allure.

With an unparalleled finesse, the artwork is adorned with a luxurious finish of high-grade epoxy, accentuating every detail and bringing forth a mesmerizing interplay of light and texture. “Ayana” stands as a testament to the artist’s unparalleled dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and redefining the possibilities of visual storytelling.

Through the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge printing technology and the artist’s visionary ingenuity touch paint techniques, “Ayana” transcends the conventional confines of traditional art, inviting viewers on an immersive journey of contemplation and wonder. This transcendent piece serves as an emblem of the endless possibilities that unfold when creativity intertwines with innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of contemporary art.

Artist: Paul Raats
Title: Ayana
Technique: aluminum printing, epoxy, resin paint
Size: height 187cm x width 125cm

  • Materials: aluminium, paint, epoxy, resin
  • Rarity: rare, highly collectible item
  • Condition: New
  • Certificate of authenticity: Included
  • Edition: 6/6 Limited Edition (only one piece available)
  • Signature: plate signed by the artist
  • Shipping – Taxes – Delivery: This excusive artwork is shipped from Europe and can be delivered worldwide. The artwork will be safely and securely packaged in solid wood box and shipped with a 100% insurance coverage to ensure safe delivery anywhere in the world. The price covers all expenses for the Artwork, taxes etc, up to the destination country. Destination country local taxes, if any, are excluded.
  • Gallery affiliate to the artist artwork & seller at Norty Artwork Gallery


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