Detangling Hair Brush Set | Black Pink Brushes Set Original Artnatural Hair Products

Detangling Hair Brush Set product description:
For All and Any Hair Types
Improves Hair Health
Minimizes Split Ends
Increases Shine

Package includes: 1 Pink + 1 Black Brush

Designed with cone-shaped bristles that gently glide through all hair types, and unravels even the toughest tangles, comfortably and pain-free.

The smooth-curved shape of the ergonomic handle allows you to brush hair without wrist strain and covers a larger area with less passes as it massages the scalp, adds shine, and reduces frizz.

Brushes suggested use:
Great for detangling wet hair and applying conditioner evenly through hair.

How to clean: Use a pick or pencil to remove hair, then wash and rinse with mild soap.

Shipping Weight: 0.2 kg
Product code: RNA-00613
Package Quantity: 2 Count
Dimensions: 22.4 x 10.2 x 4.3 cm

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