Anti-Stress Computer BIG Enter Key | Funny Large Button PC Enter Button Key For Releasing Stress

This PC Enter Key Button functions like a normal computer enter button key once you plug it to your PC …. but it’s also used as an anti stress button! You can punch and hit it as much as you want!

It will not only make you smile while you are using it…but it will be always there for you when stress takes you over! When that time comes….just hit ENTER strong!

  • This Large key, is actually working, is not just decorative!
  • Ideal to be used at home or at the office!
  • Convenient, easy to use.
  • With USB interface, can connect to any computer.
  • Perfect decompression gadget, help to improve work efficiency.
  • Soft enter key pillow, can help you release stress!
  • When you feel stressed, you can hit it strongly without worrying about damaging your keyboard.
  • Material: Urethane sponge, Polyester
  • Color: black
  • Size: length 210mm x width 140mm x height 95mm
  • Cable: about 135cm
  • Package: no package

8 reviews for Anti-Stress Computer BIG Enter Key

  1. Miles

    Good packing.

  2. Peter


  3. Aminta


  4. Ryan

    Thank you, reliable as usual!

  5. Kaden Arabic

    You can trust and order it. Good quality.

  6. Dawson

    No tax paid for Romania!

  7. John

    Awesome! Love it! Thanks also for the super fast delivery to Australia!

  8. Antri

    It’s smaller than i expected but it’s cute.

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