XL Size Pin Art | Creative Toy Cloning Sculpture Art Play

This Pin Art is a creative art toy and can also be used as a stylish ornament for home decoration.

It has many pins on the panel which can create different kinds of shape by our hand or other tools, like ‘OK’ gesture, leaving a permanent image on it. With this feature, it will help children develop their imagination and creativity, so it is a very good choice for a gifts to any kid.


1. Made of plastic and acrylic material, safe and pollution-free.
2. This is a toy for children creative ability to use the hand or the life of the object.
3. Place your hand, your face or a small object on the pins and an instant impression forms on the other side.
4. Through the 3D Creative Art Toy, hands etc can be shaped cloned and therefore be an interactive parent-child toys.
5. Become a performer and sculptor with this amazing Mold Toy.
6. Great gift for children. Adult supervision recommended.

Keywords: Kids Pins Toy – Creative Play – Mold Toy Gift – Learning Toys


  • XL Size Dimensions: Length 20cm x Width 5.5cm x Height 25cm.
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, red, Green

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